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Getting more serious


Powerful Decisions?

Can transcripts of committee meetings give reliable insight?

Public Sector Transparency Board


Free data publishing services

  • - PublishMyData from Swirrl IT is a place to upload your databases, spreadsheets, images or text and have it appear as browsable, accessible linked data
  • - Talis are offering free hosting for RDF using their rich toolset providing you publishing the data into the Public Domain

Other services

  • OpenUp - TSO was formerly Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) in the UK, now a part of Williams Lea, is offering this service, primarily aimed at government departments who have a duty to publish open linked data. TSO will host data in their OpenUp, based on Garlik 5Store, free for the first 3 months

Corporate usage

See Implementations

Valuable sources

  • list of public data sources that enterprises will find valuable to link to their own data
Linked Open Data

The Linked Open Data (LOD) project has a cloud diagram of the data sources they include.
If you want more detail on the source look at the master list, or see some details, sizes and categories (though this may be slightly out of date).


Following on from LOD's success in kick-starting Linked Data around the web, the EU funded LOD2 has just begun. Although it's due to carry on until 2014, it should be one to watch as it promises:

  • enterprise-ready tools and methodologies for exposing and managing very large amounts of structured information on the Data Web,
  • adaptive tools for searching, browsing, and authoring of Linked Data.

Journals to trawl for relevant articles

Other communities

UK Digital National Framework - Linked Data workshops



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